Avira 2020 Free Download


Avira 2020 Free Download

Avira 2020 Free Download is back with an updated version for 2020 that promises to take up a smaller chunk of your hard drive, as well as improve overall PC performance with fewer virus defintion files (VDFs) plugging up memory. The interface hasn’t really changed, however, and it’s still largely a no-nonsense suite with few extras.

Avira Free Antivirus, the company’s baseline product, includes Avira’s core antivirus engine to detect and block malware in real time. The package uses multiple techniques to catch brand-new threats, including uploading unknown files for analysis in the cloud before they’re executed.

Avira offers many security and privacy products, which could be considered features depending on the package you purchase. Paid products are built around Antivirus Pro, Avira’s base subscription plan. It includes some features, but most are focused on security and privacy to make the antivirus more secure. That includes ransomware, network, download and email protection. Other notable features on the base plan are Avira’a Intelligent Repair System, which repairs damage caused by malware, and Self-Defense, which prevents malware from altering or disabling your antivirus protection.

Avira 2020 Free Download

Once we arrive in the A/V program itself, we’re greeted with the current status of our machine at the top with the standard green motif for safe and red for problems. On the left rail are five menu options: Status (the default landing area), Scan, Modules, Quarantine, and Activity.

Status shows the active protection features in Antivirus free and what their states are. There’s also a Run a quick scan button that takes up a big chunk of the window, as well as a message informing you when the last scan was. Overall, this area is the same as it was last year. Visually the graphics are a little different, the color shades are deeper, and the scan button is now green instead of white.

There are some catches, too. Avira Free doesn’t include automatic scanning of emails, downloads or USB devices, for instance. These are layers of protection you’ll get with competitors like Avast, although Avira should still detect any threats if they’re launched or during normal scans. The free package is also missing Avira’s enhanced ransomware protection for the very latest, evolving threats. It’ll still detect existing dangers and many others, but you’re not getting the same level of security as paying customers.

Our favorite Prime feature is System Speedup Pro. It gives your system scores in disk performance, overall performance and privacy and informs you of actions you can take to improve those areas. When we started, we had a three in disk performance, a 59 in system performance and a 56 in privacy, all out of 100.

Avira 2020 Free Download a 100 percent performance against the zero-day, web, and email threats test that included 275 samples. For those same months, Antivirus free earned a 99.9 percent against nearly 20,000 samples for AV-Test’s “widespread and prevalent malware” test. Over at AV-Comparatives, Avira blocked 99.5 percent of the threats and had one false positive against 197 samples in the real-world protection test.

Avira’s well-designed website does a good job of explaining the differences between its free and commercial products, and if you’re happy with Avira 2020 Free Download specs, the product can be downloaded with a click. Installation is even easier. There’s no messing around with custom setup options, no need to register or create an account (although that’s an option, later): just agree to Avira’s user license and everything is set up within a few seconds.

Avira’s interface changes depending on which product you have. Internet Security and Prime users will have a home screen that shows all products included with their plan. Since Antivirus free is just one of the products in those bundles, you won’t open directly to your protection interface.

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Avira 2020 Free Download